Community Health Needs Assessment-

What is a Community Health Needs Assessment?

     A community health needs assessment is a way for communities to identifiy, and analyze the specific health needs of their community.  This assessment allows communities to prioritize their health needs, make a plan to meet those needs, and then execute the plan.  Cooperstown Medical Center completes the Comminity Health Needs Assessment because it is a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and completion of the assessment is mandated by the Affordable Care Act.  All CAHs are required to complete this assessment every three years.  There are mulitple ways to asses community health needs, here are a few ways:

Stakeholder meetings
Community focus groups
Interviews with community leaders
Population health and other health-related data

Information taken from Center for Rural Health; University of North Dakota; School of Medicine and Health Sciences

 Our 2019 assessment is available below by clicking on the link.  Also provided for your convenience are our 2016 Community Needs Assessment Implementation Plan, as well as the 2016 and 2012 Community Needs Health Assessment.
2019 Community Health Needs Assessment
2019 CMC  Implementation Plan
2016 CMC  Implementation Plan
2016 Community Health Needs Assessment
2012 Community Health Needs Assessment