Medical Records Request-

In order for our Medical Records Department to process your request for medical records please print, fill out, and sign, then either mail, fax, or hand deliver the form below.  If a form is not filled out completely it will be denied.  Signature of the requesting patient is required by law.  If you are a Durable Medical Power of Attorney for a patient, a copy of the Power of Attorney papers must accompany this form.  The standard processing time for records request is 7-10 business days.  Medical records that are being requested to be sent to another facility are provided to that facility free of charge.  If you are requesting records be sent to you, (in accordance with N.D. Century Code Section 23-12-14) the following fee scale will apply.

10 pages or less, no charge;
11-25 pages, flat fee of $20.00;
$0.75 per page after the 25th page;
This charge includes any administration fee, retrieval fee, and postage expense.

**The only exception for these charges is for Continuation of Care sent directly to another facility**
  If you have any questions, please contact our Medical Records Department at 701-797-2221 ext 7134
The medical records fax number is 701-797-2457
Request for Information
Below is information for North Dakotans on advanced health care planning.  This document explains what an advanced directive is and how to fill out the legal paperwork, which is included.
Advanced Directive